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Raising and leveling concrete with high density polyurethane 

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PolyRaise, LLC was voted
"Best concrete leveling service in Iowa 2012"
by Iowa Business News

Traditionally the term “Mud Jacking” is used to describe concrete leveling. We don’t use mud to level concrete, we use High Density Polyurethane. High Density Polyurethane is the most efficient, cost effective (half the cost of replacement) and environmentally friendly way to raise concrete slabs. State Departments of Transportations have used this method extensively on highways.

High Density Polyurethane will level concrete & under-seal concrete, fill voids and STOP settling. We can under-seal and level highways, driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, concrete slabs, garage floors, A/C pads and mailbox pads.

Here are some of the advantages of using Polyurethane

  • Excellent coverage: within 1/32 of an inch

  • Up to 250 psi compressive & tensile strength

  • Will not shrink

  • 95% closed cell foam repels water

  • Doesn’t stress the concrete due to even coverage

  • SMALL INJECTION HOLES uphold concrete’s structural integrity

  • 5/8” injection holes maintains cosmetic appearance

  • Extreme lifting capability

  • Lightweight: 125-250 pounds per yard will not overburden the soil

  • Sub-seals floors

  • Eco-friendly

  • Cost-effective

PolyRaise, LLC would like to assure you of our work ethic. Building our company on honesty and integrity is very important to us.

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